Terms and conditions


  • Registration takes place via the subscription form at the website, and should include 2 photographs of representative work.
  • A commission will judge the quality of the work of all subscribers.
  • There is a limit of 50 participants max.
  • Subscription does not automatically mean participation. Participation is only definite once the confirmation has been received and after payment has been settled.
  • Specific wishes/requirements can be filled on the subscription form. The organization will do its utmost to grant these, but cannot guarantee anything, unless this has been confirmed in writing.


  • Cancellation has to be done in writing, via email.
  • Cancellation is free of charge until one month prior to the start of Ceramics at the Park.
  • Cancellation within one month means: no restitution of the subscription fee.


  • The organization will send an invoice by email, and payment has to be executed timely and by bank transfer.
  • If payment has not been received on the stated date, participation will be expired.
  • Also for a second stand, the full subscription fee has to be paid in time.
  • The organization is not obliged to refund any fees if a participant is not satisfied, unless it is reasonably to be expected.


  • The organization will only supply electricity that’s necessary for the sale of the work, or for demonstrations. The participant has to take care of a reel and suitable plugs.
  • Electricity will only be supplied after a request in writing, at least 1 week before the market starts, with details of the estimated need (in Watt) and after payment.

Layout of the market area:

  • The organization will determine the locations. The organization will do its best to consider special wishes that have been communicated on forehand and in writing.
  • Participants have to stick to the stand that has been allocated to them. Switching is possible, but only in consultation with the organization.


  • Upon arrival, the organization will show you the way to your stand. Participants have to follow the instructions.
  • In the market area, you will drive at walking pace and with hazard lights on.
  • Cars are only allowed to enter the area to unload. Time slot for unloading is one hour max.
  • The area has to be free of motorized traffic after the start and closing of the event. Exception is only for those who have applied for a permit, in writing, prior to the event.

While decorating your stand:

  • Participants will keep the main route free and will unload as soon as possible.
  • Participants will not damage the stand(s), objects and green areas at the market area. It is not allowed to use nails, but it is allowed to use rope.

Use and decoration of the stand:

  • The participant’s works at the market are similar to the works shown during subscription (photographs). If your works are completely different, the organization is allowed to refuse them.
  • The participant will only show their own work.
  • It is not allowed to offer the stand for money to another party.
  • It is not allowed to extend the size of the stand without permission of the organization.
  • It is not allowed to move the stand.
  • The organization will deliver a stand with board and roof. The size of the stand will be communicated to participants at least 15 days prior to the event.
  • If a participant has not shown up at the starting time of the market, the stand shall accrue to the organization.

During Ceramics at the Park:

  • If a participant causes troubles in any way that complicates or could complicate the implementation / execution of the market, he can be excluded without getting refund of fees that have been paid.
  • All costs that are a result of hinder and/or exclusion, will be absorbed by the participant. The organization will claim any damage caused to the participant.
  • In case of demonstrations with ovens, the participant has to have a portable fire-extinguisher which should be directly accessible, and ready for use. There should be proof that the fire-extinguisher has been checked by an expert on an annual basis.
  • Use of LPG, besides for the use of a motorized vehicle, is strictly forbidden.
  • It is not allowed to clear the stand before closing time of Ceramics at the Park, without permission of the organization.
  • It is not allowed to obstruct the transit route at the market area. The transit route has to be kept free for 3.5 meters width.

After the Ceramics at the Park event:

  • After closure of the event, participants can access the market area by car again to load.
  • Do not leave any garbage and make use of garbage bags. Take your own garbage home, or leave it in garbage bags at the designated places. You will have to take your empty bottles, these cannot be left behind.
  • Take colleagues and visitors into consideration once you’ve entered the area by car.
  • It is not permitted to block the main route at the market area.
  • One hour after closing time of the market, your stand has to be empty and you will have left the area.


  • The organization will do its utmost to grant any requests of the participants, but cannot always promise execution.
  • The organization is not liable for theft, loss or damage. The participant takes part of Ceramics at the Park at his own risk. The organization cannot be held liable for loss of turnover due to bad weather conditions or cancellation of the event by the authorities.
  • The participant will take care of his own arrangements in case of bad weather.
  • The organization is responsible for the required permits for the event.
  • The participant is responsible to adhere to rules with regards to parking and traffic regulations.
  • If the market gets cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, the participant will get 50% restitution of the registration fee.
  • The organization is not liable for defects of the offered works. It is the participant’s responsibility to offer quality.
  • The organization is not liable for any damage or injuries of participants and visitors, unless organization’s intent or gross fault can be proven.
  • The organization is not liable for any loss suffered by participants as a result of delays, mechanical breakdown, weather circumstances, influences of nature, strikes, illness, or whatever force-majeure situation.
  • The organization is not liable for actions and influences of none-involved third parties; any circumstances that cannot be imputed to the organization and that, according to Dutch law or under the act or the standards in society, can’t in fairness be attributed to the organization.
  • If a condition is not covered in these Terms & Conditions, the organization decides.